Widowed Persons Support Group
c/o Cochran Chapel UMC, 9027 Midway Road, Dallas, TX 75209  Tel. (214) 358-4155 
Volunteer Opportunities
Office Staff

WPS office staff members offer their time during the week to enable the organization to run more efficiently.  As volunteers they can work any day from Monday through Thursday.  The hours are from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. 

Office staff volunteers work on such projects as answering phone calls, posting records, filing and outreach.  Training will be provided.  Members who are interested in this activity may call the office to volunteer for this important, exciting opportunity to help others. 

Social Events

Social activities are coordinated by a group of "captains" who make arrangements with restaurants in the Dallas area for WPS social events.  They also receive by phone RSVP's from the members who wish to attend the function, and they record names of those who attend so that a record can be maintained in the WPS office. 

Newsletter Publication

The WPS newsletter is published monthly and mailed or emailed to the active membership.  It is an excellent source of information on the activities within the organization.  It contains items of general information to the membership, announcements, names of new members, social events for the coming month and information on future activities such as trips, cruises, etc. 
The monthly publishing and mailing of this newsletter requires considerable effort on the part of a number of  people.  It involves printing, collating, folding, stapling and stamping the letter.  Helping with the newsletter offers an excelllent opportunity to any member to make a contribution to WPS in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

Outreach Volunteers

Members of WPS are offered support from volunteers who have been trained to reach out and stay in contact with those who are newly widowed.  The volunteers respond to those referred, and introduce new members to social opportunities listed in the newsletter.

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